How much is TOO much?

IMG_4803.jpg10 of the top food trends of 2018 according to BBC good food:

  • Gut-friendly food
  • Booze-free beverages
  • Hawaiian Food
  • Timut pepper
  • Specialized tea
  • Hyper-local food
  • Heme
  • Plant-based protein
  • Everyday food tech
  • South American cuisine

These all seem very civilized and realistic to me. Now let’s check out some trends that are a bit of a stretch. These are based off of a Spoon University article as well as personal opinion:

  • Black colored ice cream: In my opinion this is unappetizing. Taking a big lick of a charcoal color/flavor of ice cream almost feels like a punishment but it seems to keep the millennials interested!
  • Turning sushi into absolutely anything: I back up this far fetched trend. From sushi bagels to sushi croissants, this is getting out of control. Besides just jeopardizing the taste, these ideas change everything traditional about what sushi is. Let’s stop now.
  • Unicorn themed food: The glitter and pink and purple food coloring does not seem like the most appetizing things. I will say, props to social media. With the prettiness of these lattes or whatever it may be, it definitely is attracting consumers aesthetics.
  • Edible cookie dough: Well, I actually have to admit that I stood in line for hours in New York City just to try this craze. It is indeed delicious but should not be allowed to serve in such large portions. Cookie Dough Confections is welcoming with the kindest employees, a pretty atmosphere and obviously the sugary smell of cookies!
  • Avocado everything: Don’t get me wrong, I love avocado but this trend is becoming excessive. The food media world has been going so far with avocado there has even been a latte served in an avocado. Avocado toast is everywhere on Instagram so this avocado latte is most likely not going to be able to compete with the toast.

Unique food takes creativity however if you’re not careful it can be too over the top. Bottom line, post aesthetically pleasing photos but steer clear from being off putting.


One thought on “How much is TOO much?

  1. Taylin Minnaert says:

    Sam, I love this topic!! I’m so glad you chose to write a blog post about these food crazes because I feel the exact same way. I agree with you on all of these trends, I’m also wondering how far they’re going to be taken. I’m slightly scared to find out but love that you’re writing about it! Keep up the good work.


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