Today I am going a bit off topic because it’s just so relevant to my life currently. Resume! Resume! Resume! I feel like that is the most commonly said word this year. Every advisor, professor, parent, friend, boss has a different opinion on a perfect resume.

A lot of the stress behind resume building is the competition factor. People applying for the same jobs, peers comparing resumes and experience, and pressure to meet a deadline.

The job hunt can be nuts. From personal experience, I think my peers and I over think creating a resume. Everyone that I have talked to and articles that I have read can all agree on the most important tips. An article on the Atlanta Business Chronicle website is a great resource for a beginner resume creator.

Resumes contain your experience, education, involvement, and skills. All of these things can easily be portrayed as bragging about yourself and all of your best features. This is where I have a hard time deciding how much is appropriate to put on a resume without coming off as a know it all. My professor, Kathryn Kuttis told my class that resumes need to be the most relevant information rather than putting on your resume that you worked at a McDonald’s but you’re applying to be the social media director for Adidas. These two things do not have any relation so leave McDonald’s off. This tip in itself saves time and increases simplicity.

In my Strategic Communications class we recently went “speed dating” with our resumes. We traded and edited to get some fresh eyes to give us advice. After this I realized I had some very simple grammatical errors. This is a big NO NO. Like the article goes into detail about, double checking is absolutely crucial. I later realized I had already sent my resume out to a few companies, (still have not heard back uh oh) so be careful, this is an important document!

Resume’s are not going to make or break you. A resume gets your foot in the door. Make yourself stand out through relevant and clear information.

If stress is taking over your life, take a few minutes and clear your mind with this video!

One thought on “Stressless.

  1. Paige FauntLeRoy says:

    This post is so relatable. Since freshmen year of college I have been fixated on creating a perfect resume; I later found out that just isn’t possible. My resume is more simple and to the point, while other journalism students are very colorful and have great designs. I always thought that maybe something was wrong with mine and I should get more creative. I met with my advisor and he told me to stay true to who I am. As a student, we can’t compare ourselves to others as sometimes being ourself is just perfect.


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