Dr. Logan opens minds.


In my Strategic PR communication class, we welcomed Nneka Logan to speak to us about public relations.

We discussed the recent news about companies offering the freezing of eggs to women in the workforce. This brings up many controversies. In our class we were told to create messages revolved around this implementation. We broke up into groups and shared our opinions. My class is all girls besides two men so this topic was especially interesting. I suggest checking out this article for some more info!

This topic makes me frustrated. First of all, parenting is not the mother’s job. Often times fathers are the ones at home cooking, cleaning, picking the kids up from school, etc. My teacher had the same opinion on this because her husband is exactly this. Maternity leave is important however, it should be called parental leave because the women is not the only one who wants to raise her children.

In my opinion, you should never have to compromise family for a career. My group discussed this. We believe that the work force should promote someone to create a new chapter in their life which should not be frowned upon. An equal balance between passion for your carrier and passion for your family is the healthiest option in life.

Another aspect that we’ve ignored during our whole conversation is the question, “how many women actually want this option?” In order for companies to strategize properly around this idea, surveys should be sent out to all employees on this matter. Companies will look even more in the wrong without enough evidence that employees would or would not enjoy this option.

Apple and Facebook are offering this option in order to attract more women to their staff. I believe women deserve other options such as day care, the opportunity to work from home, and on sight training if parents need it. These options should all be offered before something so personal like freezing a women’s eggs is implemented.

I’m sure many women will be interested in this offer because the process of freezing eggs is extremely expensive also. I suggest companies provide women with an endless amount of information on this topic before anything else. Here is a reliable article in case you want to read further on freezing eggs.

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