Meet Anthony Bourdain.

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Anthony Bourdain is a well-known personality in the food world. Bourdain is a writer, producer, and host on the award winning series, Parts Unknown. However, in his multiple social media accounts he defines himself as a “enthusiast.”

AdWeek named Bourdain the 3rd most influential person in food.

In Bourdain’s earlier life he worked as a professional chef for 28 years. His career became more serious when he became the executive chef at the famous french restaurant, Brasserie Les Halles. After years of working as the executive chef, he took his talents and created a guide for consumers. His book, Kitchen Confidential was released in 2000 and was a best-seller.

Bourdain’s career took a wild ride after that first best-seller. His publicity sky rocketed. He wrote more books, starred in Food Network shows, and then my favorite part, No Reservations aired on the Travel channel.

This famous enthusiast focuses on travel, food, and the experience. These three aspects come out through his shows and his book through humor and intensity. There are so many food shows to choose from but Bourdain brings a unique personality which differentiates himself from the typical Food Network shows. I find myself engaged with every episode. Bourdain is not afraid to go on culinary tours in Iran or Mexico City, typically negatively thought about cities. Honesty is the biggest part of his exploration. If Bourdain does not enjoy a type of food, he will show that emotion very clearly on his show. This brings shock factor to the public with the feeling of, “did he really just say that?”

Diving into the culture of unfamiliar destinations is what attracts me to Bourdain. I find him being a very credible source for travel guidance because his goal is not to just please his audience, it’s to tell the truth. Dig through food publicity stunts to find passionate and exciting restaurant explorations.


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The foodie Instagram world is blowing up. It’s easy to get lost within all of the different accounts. There are vegan accounts, paleo accounts, brunch accounts, dessert accounts etc. Here are some of mine and the medias favorite foodie accounts:

  1. Infatuation @infatuation: With more than 714K followers on Instagram, Infatuation provides readers with a guide to restaurants worldwide. Infatuation is approachable on social media. They have a website, snap chat account, and many Instagram accounts for specific cities. I travel solely for the food so when I go to big cities I refer back to Infatuation accounts. For example, I traveled to London and discovered my favorite restaurants and the hottest spots in the city on @infatuation_london. These accounts are easy to navigate and provide people with a perfect foodie travel experience. This account is guaranteed to make your mouth water.
  2. Becca PR @becca_pr: In one of my previous posts I have talked about my excitement with Becca PR. This agency focuses on providing their readers with elegant PR. What attracts me to this Instagram account with 25.6K is the simplicity behind every post. There is also a sense of intimacy because of the smaller amount of followers with less commentary. The food is clean and crisp, they provide travel tips within NYC and LA based on food and experience. Many food accounts can get lost in posting photos of greasy burgers and cheese-dripping pizza but Becca PR posts include pictures of the restaurant, the service and the elegance of the restaurant as a whole. Their website is also very interactive, providing a video explanation of exactly what their brand focuses on. This aspect pulled me in, making it easier to get the idea of their goals.
  3. The Delicious @thedelicious: This health foods account focuses around the motto, “eat beauty every day.” With 183K followers, the founder, Sarah, posts beautiful, brightly colored photos along with recipes for everything that she makes. It can be frustrating following accounts that post interesting and exciting looking foods but without a recipe. Sarah is very approachable in the health food industry. The pictures use white space to enhance the main course of the picture. The ingredients are listed very concisely, avoiding any consumer confusion. This account also discusses food safety and the importance of eating a clean diet. I have personally direct messaged the Instagram account asking for specific details and it got back to me within 30 minutes. This approachable aspect differentiates themselves from other health foods account that only focus on their posts rather than their consumers.

These three accounts provide their followers with helpful, unique, and concise restaurant and recipe information. From seeing their strong follower base and my personal opinion, these accounts are reliable food resources.

Taking tradition to the next level.


Mom and Pop restaurants can be hard competing with the trendy-Instagram famous restaurants that are targeting the milennial generation.

I recently read an article on Forbes, “How restaurant brands can leverage both tradition and innovation to win.” This article discusses how brands must implement unique techniques in order to compete with the up and coming restaurants that are drawing in customers. Tradition appeals to customers emotions but that only goes so far in the current restaurant industry.

Larry Johnson, the CEO of Fogo de Chão an upscale Brazilian chain restaurant talks about how the restaurant is still a success since their expansion in 1987. Chain restaurants can go unnoticed or can be unappealing without a touch of spunk to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Fogo de Chão is one of the first restaurants to bring Brazilian food and the experience to the US. They are famous for table service meat carving with top quality meats, “as a brand, we invest heavily in this part of the experience.”

The restaurant experiencing is evolving more than the product sold at the restaurant. Consumers are young with the need and want for constant change and new excitement. Personally, my favorite restaurants offer fixed menus with many courses, every course with a unique surprise whether its the flavor or color of the dish. There is an ability to transform tradition into something extraordinary.

Opaque, a restaurant in San Francisco serves a unique experience. The waiters are all visually impaired or blind, serving a prix-fixe menu. This trend originated in Europe but Opaque brought the traditional experience to San Francisco, California. The dark atmosphere is known to enhance the flavors and enhance the customers senses, giving them a new outlook on food.

This type of dining experience is expanding drastically. The trend of prix-fixe meals and competitive reservation demands is what attracts customers. Customers, especially the younger generation want an experience that they can show off to their friends and social media followers. Being able to implement traditional ideas into hip and trending restaurant is important in the current restaurant industry. Innovating tradition within restaurant culture takes restaurants to the next level.

Take the lead in social media.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.32.34 AM

(picture from @tacobell on Twitter)

Branding comes in many forms. There is self branding which builds yourself as an individual. There is also corporate branding which represents the “parent company,” the higher ups. Lastly, there is product branding which are smaller brands within a corporate brand. Not every type of brand will be a success from the start but with the help from social media platforms, things will move in the right direction.

I recently read the article, Food and beverage brands that win at social media on O’Dwyers. This article provides short stories about companies experiences with social media. Gatorade, Chobani, and Taco Bell are all corporate food and beverage brands strategizing through social media to maintain their loyal and personable consumers.


Use Twitter:

Twitter is a form of news, an emotional outlet, and a sense of humor for some. The O’Dwyers article wrote, “about 80 percent of customer concerns and complaints are reported on that platform.” Gatorade uses Twitter every day with posting updates on their brand, funny pictures, and an outlet for customer feedback. Gatorade is known for their personal messages back to customer complaints rather than a robots response.

Be personable: 

Often times consumers shop at local stores rather than large chains due to lack of personable traits in big brands. Chobani, however goes against the stereotype of big brands. This yogurt company has been known to send personal gifts and messages to their customer base. A loyal customer of Chobani had gone through surgery and ate the product through her recovery. Chobani then sent the customer a “get well soon,” letter. In order to build a loyal customer base especially in the food industry, consumer attention is crucial. People love to feel special, so why not make it happen?

Make consumers laugh:

I was recently on twitter and an AD popped up for Taco Bell on my feed. Usually I scroll through without acknowledging ads but this one stood out to me. It was a meme of a taco with sunglasses on, that’s it. This sparked my interest in Taco Bell more than ever before. Simple yet humorous ideas catch readers attention more than an article would. Taco Bell has also been tweeting more than usual towards millennials. This brand responds to consumers tweets, making them have a smaller brand feel.



3 ways to a millennial’s stomach:

IMG_3762(photo by me)

When it comes to food, social media is a millennials best friend. If you’re a restaurant with a young audience, you’ll want to hear this.

  1. Instagram is a must.

    Restaurant culture has turned into boomerangs, portrait mode, pictures, and videos. When I go to a restaurant with my friends everyone pulls out their phone as soon as a glass of water gets set on our table. The key to eating a delicious meal is getting the most aesthetically pleasing photo before your eggs Benedict disappears and uploading it to your Instagram story for all your followers to see. (The orange yoke breaking is always a popular boomerang to snap). Luckily, Instagram has an option to add a location, that way your followers can attend the same brunch spot the next day and post it on their story as well. I recently read an article from Forbes, explaining that brands, “focus on friends,” because consumers are more inclined to attend a restaurant or show interest in a brand if their friends had a positive experience. The trend of posting everything on Instagram with the location posted gives restaurants a sort of “portfolio” of customer experiences on social media.

  2. Simplicity.

    As a millennial foodie myself, I know what attracts me to food social media accounts and my fellow peers. Bright colors, clear images, but most importantly, an abundance of white space. White space is the part of the page that is blank and untouched. Some of the most popular foodie brands I follow use white space to draw the readers in with the food being the only pop of color on the plate. Millennials in general have been known for the decrease in clutter on social media posts and lifestyle habits. One of my favorite public relations industries is Becca PR, their website is simplistic yet vibrant. Their website states, “Becca is a creative marketing agency with offices in New York and LA. We believe in the power of elegant pr – that which is largely invisible.” Their Instagram posts bring publicity to many restaurants through satisfying, bright colored photos. In my opinion, this website pr firm represents the path that many foodie social media accounts are going down and millennials love every second of it.

  3. Avocado toast. 

    One of the trendiest brunch foods is avocado toast and it is taking over the social media world. The most simple, yet satisfying dish and it is the craze on social media. According to an article in the Washington Post, the hashtag #avocadotoast has been posted on Instagram over 100,000 times. The Instagram account powered by Infatuation, @avocadotoast has more than 56,000 followers on Instagram. Memes have been made solely around avocado toast. So if you don’t already serve avocado toast at your restaurant, you may want to reconsider.






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