3 ways to a millennial’s stomach:

IMG_3762(photo by me)

When it comes to food, social media is a millennials best friend. If you’re a restaurant with a young audience, you’ll want to hear this.

  1. Instagram is a must.

    Restaurant culture has turned into boomerangs, portrait mode, pictures, and videos. When I go to a restaurant with my friends everyone pulls out their phone as soon as a glass of water gets set on our table. The key to eating a delicious meal is getting the most aesthetically pleasing photo before your eggs Benedict disappears and uploading it to your Instagram story for all your followers to see. (The orange yoke breaking is always a popular boomerang to snap). Luckily, Instagram has an option to add a location, that way your followers can attend the same brunch spot the next day and post it on their story as well. I recently read an article from Forbes, explaining that brands, “focus on friends,” because consumers are more inclined to attend a restaurant or show interest in a brand if their friends had a positive experience. The trend of posting everything on Instagram with the location posted gives restaurants a sort of “portfolio” of customer experiences on social media.

  2. Simplicity.

    As a millennial foodie myself, I know what attracts me to food social media accounts and my fellow peers. Bright colors, clear images, but most importantly, an abundance of white space. White space is the part of the page that is blank and untouched. Some of the most popular foodie brands I follow use white space to draw the readers in with the food being the only pop of color on the plate. Millennials in general have been known for the decrease in clutter on social media posts and lifestyle habits. One of my favorite public relations industries is Becca PR, their website is simplistic yet vibrant. Their website states, “Becca is a creative marketing agency with offices in New York and LA. We believe in the power of elegant pr – that which is largely invisible.” Their Instagram posts bring publicity to many restaurants through satisfying, bright colored photos. In my opinion, this website pr firm represents the path that many foodie social media accounts are going down and millennials love every second of it.

  3. Avocado toast. 

    One of the trendiest brunch foods is avocado toast and it is taking over the social media world. The most simple, yet satisfying dish and it is the craze on social media. According to an article in the Washington Post, the hashtag #avocadotoast has been posted on Instagram over 100,000 times. The Instagram account powered by Infatuation, @avocadotoast has more than 56,000 followers on Instagram. Memes have been made solely around avocado toast. So if you don’t already serve avocado toast at your restaurant, you may want to reconsider.






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