Implementing honesty.

pexels-photo-272887Food social media accounts are constantly posting about their favorite foods and restaurants but what the social media lacks is valuable critiques on restaurants. When I scroll through my Instagram feed my mouth waters when I see a beautiful picture of some sort of extravagant dish but I am always still curious about places to avoid, especially when I am traveling.

Journalists tend to want to please their readers. An article on First We Feast discusses the problems revolved around food on social media. Articles can get boring when all it discusses are the positive aspects of an experience but journalists don’t take this into consideration like said in the article, “Food writers will argue that they are giving people what they want by writing, say, 25 posts about David Chang’s latest chicken finger, or that they ‘only cover what they love.'”

Readers need posts that are true and reliable. Accounts that post honest critiques of restaurants would have a bigger following than the typical accounts that only rave about the highest rated restaurants.

When I travel my number one priority is food. I want to eat at the best restaurants and steer clear of the lousy, overrated restaurants too. If journalists and social media account holders would be more honest with their critiques and recommendations, they would be looked at as so much more reliable.

@Infatuation is one of my favorite accounts. Their website has a reviews section which differentiates themselves from other food accounts. Their social media is a perfect outlet in order to find where you should and should not eat in cities throughout the world. I highly recommend checking them out, as I have mentioned in a previous post.

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