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The foodie Instagram world is blowing up. It’s easy to get lost within all of the different accounts. There are vegan accounts, paleo accounts, brunch accounts, dessert accounts etc. Here are some of mine and the medias favorite foodie accounts:

  1. Infatuation @infatuation: With more than 714K followers on Instagram, Infatuation provides readers with a guide to restaurants worldwide. Infatuation is approachable on social media. They have a website, snap chat account, and many Instagram accounts for specific cities. I travel solely for the food so when I go to big cities I refer back to Infatuation accounts. For example, I traveled to London and discovered my favorite restaurants and the hottest spots in the city on @infatuation_london. These accounts are easy to navigate and provide people with a perfect foodie travel experience. This account is guaranteed to make your mouth water.
  2. Becca PR @becca_pr: In one of my previous posts I have talked about my excitement with Becca PR. This agency focuses on providing their readers with elegant PR. What attracts me to this Instagram account with 25.6K is the simplicity behind every post. There is also a sense of intimacy because of the smaller amount of followers with less commentary. The food is clean and crisp, they provide travel tips within NYC and LA based on food and experience. Many food accounts can get lost in posting photos of greasy burgers and cheese-dripping pizza but Becca PR posts include pictures of the restaurant, the service and the elegance of the restaurant as a whole. Their website is also very interactive, providing a video explanation of exactly what their brand focuses on. This aspect pulled me in, making it easier to get the idea of their goals.
  3. The Delicious @thedelicious: This health foods account focuses around the motto, “eat beauty every day.” With 183K followers, the founder, Sarah, posts beautiful, brightly colored photos along with recipes for everything that she makes. It can be frustrating following accounts that post interesting and exciting looking foods but without a recipe. Sarah is very approachable in the health food industry. The pictures use white space to enhance the main course of the picture. The ingredients are listed very concisely, avoiding any consumer confusion. This account also discusses food safety and the importance of eating a clean diet. I have personally direct messaged the Instagram account asking for specific details and it got back to me within 30 minutes. This approachable aspect differentiates themselves from other health foods account that only focus on their posts rather than their consumers.

These three accounts provide their followers with helpful, unique, and concise restaurant and recipe information. From seeing their strong follower base and my personal opinion, these accounts are reliable food resources.

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